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Returning to my hometown should mean starting fresh. Instead, I’m drawn back to my preteen crush, Natie Shiba―the same dude who can’t stand me.


            Moving back to Newlantic is my fresh restart. I’ve got a new production business, a sister who’s getting married, and years of regrets to close the door on. The only complication is my job and my sister’s wedding both putting me in close quarters with the one and only Natie Shiba.

            This dude was my first crush as a preteen, but somewhere along the line he grew to despise me. But I’m not that giant, stuttering teenager anymore, and Natie is all man.

            I can ignore these stupid unrequited feelings as we work together. But over time, this town becomes a place I can call home again. After clearing the air, Natie genuinely becomes my friend. Between our meaningful messages and private walks on the beach, I find myself peeling back the layers that make Natie who he is. With the way he looks at me, I’m hopeless to resist opening up as well.

            We have a decade of miscommunication and crossed signals to fix. With all the old wounds we need to patch up, it won’t be easy to forge this relationship. But winning Natie Shiba’s heart after all these years might be worth it.

In the game of love, it’s not always about playing your cards right. Sometimes, it’s about starting fresh and choosing to redraw your hand.


“Redraw Your Hand” is a male/male adult romantic comedy featuring stuttering teenagers, beachside weddings, romance book chats, and yes, second chances at first crushes while playing board games. Roll the dice with book four of the Single Gamer’s Society. Each book can be read as a stand-alone with a HEA. These queer nerds are looking for love, and bluff or fold, they play to win.

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